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About Us

Vertical Logic Offshore is an Industrial Rope Access company based in Cape Town. The company was established by a group of highly talented individuals, whose skills encapsulate essential areas of business management and rope access.

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  • Industrial Cleaning


    Vertical Logic Offshore offers a wide variety of cleaning services to the industrial sector, both offshore and onshore. We mainly focus on the high access areas which require cleaning but can perform any cleaning tasks which are required, be it on the ground or a few stories up.

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  • Industrial Coatings


    Vertical Logic Offshore prides itself on offering highly skilled workers knowledgeable in the coatings industry. All coating/painting projects follow industry standard techniques, which involve cleaning the surface, either by chemicals, high pressure washing or by grit blasting.

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  • NDT Inspections


    Vertical Logic Offshore offers many variations of NDT inspections, which is imperative in gaining knowledge into the structural integrity of any metal structure, should it be a weld joint, boiler tank, structural support beams or any other load bearing metal structure that is importance to your facility.

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